Aiming to provide good, pothole-free roads in Mapusa, Saligao and Siolim

Maintaining that interlocking pavers was the best solution to road stretches that perennially develop potholes, Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo said his focus was to provide pothole-free roads in Calangute. “The aim is to first provide pothole-free roads in Calangute. We also have plans to make the Calangute to Candolim road stretch accident-free zone. To achieve that, we will broaden the roads wherever possible, install dividers and create appropriate circles. If necessary we will also install speed breakers and sign boards,” Lobo said. He said his next target would be to provide good and pothole-free roads in Mapusa, Saligao, Siolim and later to other constituencies in Bardez. The Waste Management Minister was addressing the media while inspecting the ongoing work of fixing interlocking pavers on the main road at Canca circle near Mapusa. Lobo said every monsoon motorists and pedestrians were facing a lot of hardship at the Canca circle as the stretch would develop huge potholes. “As a permanent solution, the PWD has taken up the work of installing pavers, constructing drains and raising the height of the road so that during the monsoon the water drains off into the drains,” he said. He said the improvement of around 300 metre road on both sides of the Canca circle has been taken up by the PWD at a cost of around Rs 96 lakh. The minister said in the monsoon the area around Canca circle experienced waterlogging and potholes and every year the government was spending Rs 10 to 15 lakhs to hot-mix the stretch after rains. “Interlocking pavers is the perfect recipe for the problem. Now, for next 25 years there will be no problem on this stretch,” Lobo said.

Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo said Goa Tourism and Development Corporation (GTDC) would soon take up work to widen and construct footpath along the main road from Canca to Gandhi Circle in Mapusa. “The road will have a width of 7.5 metres on either side with a divider in the middle. Electricity poles will be installed along the dividers,” Lobo said. The minister informed that some illegal shops/business units which have sprouted overnight in the area will be removed by the deputy collector.