Amend the rules to tackle unruly tourists; Plan multi-level parking for Mapusa and Calangute

Deputy speaker and Calangute MLA Michael Lobo said there was a need to amend the rules to tackle unruly tourists who litter beaches with alcohol bottles. Lobo was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a function for the reconstruction of a culvert and also widening and improvement of the mini-bridge at Verla-Canca on Tuesday. Also present were WRD minister Vinod Palyekar, and Verla-Canca sarpanch Milton Marques. “When CM Manohar Parrikar was well, I had asked to amend the law under the Tourist Trade Act by imposing heavy fines on whoever creates nuisance on the beach,” Lobo said, explaining that the proposal has been pending since owing to Parrikar’s ill health. “These tourists break bottles on the beach, which, in turn can cause injury to one’s feet. Drinking on the beach promenade and footpaths should be a punishable offence,” Lobo said. “You go to any beach and you will find over 2,000 broken bottles strewn on the sand especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays,” Lobo said, adding, “Today, you cannot walk without shoes on the beach, when the beach is actually meant to be walked on without anything on your feet. “Today, 60 per cent of the economy of the state is dependent on tourism. So to increase the economy, we need to bring about reforms in tourism,” he said. Lobo also impressed upon the need to create employment opportunities for the youth in the state.

Multi-level parking for Mapusa and Calangute

It is time for the government to consider multi-level car parking at Mapusa and Calangute to resolve the problem of haphazard parking and resultant congestion on the roads, Calangute MLA Michael Lobo said. Lobo was speaking to reporters after inaugurating the works of the beautification and improvement of culvert and other works near Dev Shankleshwar temple at Verla-Canca. WRD minister Vinod Palyekar, sarpanch of Verla-Canca Milton Marques and others were present. An estimate was also prepared to undertake the beautification and widening of the mini-bridge. The PWD has also been instructed to shift the pipelines below the mini-bridge when the works begin. The tender has been given to Aguiar construction and the works will be undertaken at an estimated cost of about Rs 1.05 crore. “The time has come to start a multi-level car parking and one such facility should be constructed at the old bus stand at Mapusa. Other areas that require it are Calangute and Baga,” Lobo added.