Bio-remediation process of Sonsoddo Garbage will commence on Sunday

Admitting that the HC order has put some constraints on dealing with Sonsoddo’s garbage, Minister Michael Lobo said the bio-remediation process will commence on Sunday and that the work will be completed expeditiously. He said four places to stock the RDF have been identified and that the compost and dust will be recovered. One is the 5,000 sq mts of land of GSUDA, the other admeasuring around 20,000 sq mts is   near the collectorate. Stating that they would get the court approval first for the sites before announcing it, he said at least 70% of the dirt gathered will be cleared by June 15 2020. While stressing the need for MMC to collect segregated waste, he said the plant to treat wet garbage will be ready by the first week of January 2020. Addressing media after the meeting at the South Goa Collectorate, he wondered whether MMC has money to pay the deposit of Rs. 1 crore ordered by the HC and Rs 1 lakh daily to Fomento Green. “Where is the compost formed by treating wet waste?” he asked implying that the wet waste is not being treated daily. However, while disclosing that he has been talking to Audhut Timblo, Lobo said that Fomento Green will soon leave Sonsoddo, provided MMC makes the initial payment. “They are willing to wait for the arbitration award to receive the final payment but at least they should be paid the first installment,” he said.

Taking a dig at the Leader of Opposition, he added, “Margao MLA always says that he is supporting any initiative but practically his support and commitment is not seen.” He added that the HTL passing over Sonsoddo will be disconnected to enable the bio-remediation work, which is expected to reduce the height of the garbage dump thereby freeing the HTL from any hazard. Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai disclosed that the individual who had allowed his land to be used for the bio-remediation process undertaken in 2017 is willing to give the land again. “While we cleared 20% of the dump, it increased by 40% because we did not set in place a machinery to deal with the daily collected waste,” added Vijai, while saying such mistakes should not be repeated. He questioned the need to have a landfill site, which will be used temporarily and also requested for special support from the finance dept.