Break drug nexus in Goa; Arrest suppliers of contaminated fish

Break drug nexus
Deputy Speaker and Calangute MLA Michael Lobo on Monday urged that there should be an investigation to check whether the State was being used as transit hub for exporting drugs and demanded that agencies should work together to break the drug nexus. “Recently drugs were seized at one of the IDC plots and I do not think this consignment was for Goa. In my view this consignment was routed to another country and the agencies should check if is Goa is being used as transit point. The agencies should also check on how these are being routed, via airways or waterways. An investigation is being needed.” said Lobo. He said, “All the agencies along with the central agency should come together to break this nexus. I also urge the Chief Minister to periodically have meetings with the North and South Superintendent of Police (S.P.). The issue of drugs should come to an end.”

Upgrade Police Station
He further demanded that the Saligao police station should be scrapped and should be clubbed with Calangute police station. Also the police station at Calangute is in a dilapidated condition and there is an urgent need for an upgradation.

Arrest food adulterers
Deputy speaker Michael Lobo on Monday said that the government should file cases against those who are involved in bringing formalin-laced fish into Goa. He also demanded to know what was the quantum of punishment for the crime. Lobo suggested that the state government should frame a new law to punish those who bring formalin-laced fish to Goa. The Calangute MLA said that most hotels buy “big fish”, which comes from outside the state. “What is the mechanism that the chief minister and FDA have in place so that formalin fish doesn’t enter the state?” he asked, declaring that “we don’t want any more formalin fish in Goa”. Lobo said that there formalin-laced fish was being brought into the state even during Congress rule. “We have to accept the fact that formalin-laced fish used to come to Goa, and that we used to eat it,” he said.