Calangute Communidade has given NOC; new substation should be ready by May 2020

The Calangute Communidade has finally given the NOC for the land at Bodgevode to construct the long pending issue of an electricity substation at Calangute. After a long wait, the Calangute communidade committee has finally given the NOC to the Power Minister at the secretariat. The Calangute MLA Michael Lobo and Calangute panchayat members were present. Speaking to this daily the Calangute MLA and Minister for RDA Michael Lobo said that the power issue in Calangute is a major issue and will be solved once the electricity substation comes up. Lobo said that the power fluctuation in the beach belt has affected the tourism industry. Lobo said that he tried his best to get electricity cables through the fields of Parra to upgrade the Arpora substation and solve the power crisis in the beach belt, but the farmers opposed this move. Lobo said that the communidade of Calangute has agreed to provide 5,725 square meters of land near Bodgevode. Lobo said that on November 28, 2019 a tender will be floated for the Rs 22 crore project to construct the electricity substation. On December 8 the tenders will be opened and by May 2020 the substation will be completed, said Lobo. The attorney of Calangute Communidade Anthony D’souza told this daily that at the recently held general body meeting of the communidade the shareholders have agreed to provide land to the village panchayat as the substation is a very important project. Calangute sarpanch Francisco Rodrigues said that the substation was the need of the hour as guesthouse owners, restaurants and residents were facing a major power fluctuation during summer. Rodrigues said that because of this issue 95% of tourism was affected.