File FIR against Engineers responsible for Potholes in Goa

Blaming the PWD engineers for the pathetic condition of roads, Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo on Saturday said the engineers should be held liable for the roads accidents and FIR need to be filed against them.  “Every Junior Engineer, Assistant Engineer and Executive Engineer should take responsibility and be held liable for accidents that happen on that particular road. FIR needs to be filed against them,” Lobo said.  He said he was stressing on FIR because precious lives have been lost in road accidents and in some cases, people are also left with permanent disabilities. Most service roads along the NH66 have developed huge potholes causing untold hardship to motorists. Similarly, several major district roads have turned bad bringing misery to commuters and pedestrians alike.  “We have a young and efficient CM who has promised good roads. I will ask the CM to instruct the engineers to repair all roads within three months and if any potholes appear on major district roads or highways after that, then that particular engineer will be held liable,” Lobo said. 

Lobo said the government has procured a machine to patch potholes and work to fix potholes on a trial basis has already started. “So whenever there is a dry spell, work will immediately begin on these potholes,” he said.  He said due to small size of the State, no roads should have potholes but due to ongoing works on the highway the service roads have gone bad.  “Three months before the monsoon, the PWD should embark on an exercise to fix each and every pothole. That way there won’t be any problems during the monsoons,” he said.  “Roads on highways are in pathetic condition due to widening works. I have requested the PWD minister and the department to tell the road contractors, whenever there is a dry spell to bring concrete mixers and fill up all the potholes on the highway,” he said.  “In monsoon, potholes can be patched up only with concrete. One or two concrete mixers can patch up all potholes right from Panjim to Patradevi,” he said.  He said lot of accidents were taking place because of potholes as assesing these becomes difficult once they are filled with rainwater. “Precious lives have been lost because of these. We have asked the concerned engineers and contractors to take immediate measures to repair the roads,” Lobo said.