Fisherman Caught Fishing Illegally Will Have to Pay 5 Times the Cost of the Fish

Ports Minister Michael Lobo met the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Tuesday along with a delegation of traditional fishermen seeking strict enforcement of ban on bull trawling and use of LED lights for fishing in the waters of Goa. Speaking to media after the meeting, Lobo reiterated that the fishermen from neighbouring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka were illegally carrying out fishing in Goan waters by adopting banned practices of LED lights and bull trawling that was leading to scarcity in fish catch for the local traditional fishermen. He said that the fishermen from Maharashtra and Karnataka were using LED lights and bull trawling technique in Goan waters as the same was banned in their respective states. “In absence of strict enforcement of rules and regulations, the Goan waters are vulnerable for such violations. Goa government has already announced that such practices are banned in the state. We need to enforce the ban strictly,” Lobo said. The Minister said that fisheries department should implement the rules, according to which, a fisherman who is caught violating the norm will have to pay fine, which is five times the cost of the fish that he has netted. Lobo said that the vessels available with the state fisheries department are inadequate for apprehending trawlers that are found violating the norms, but the Captain of Ports can provide vessels for the officials to keep a vigil on the violations offshore.