Hang the Rapists; No means NO!

Seeking swift verdict in heinous rape cases, Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo said the trial of those involved in heinous rape and murder cases should be completed within specified time and the accused should be publicly hanged.  He also urged locals to carry out proper tenant verification of persons they rent out rooms and guest houses to. “They should not be hanged in a dungeon. Those involved in heinous rape cases should be publicly hanged so that a message goes out to all others of the retribution involved in the crime,” Lobo said. The recent rape and murder of 25-year-old assistant vet in Hyderabad had shocked the nation even as the four accused involved in the crime were shot dead in a police encounter early Friday morning.  Scores of people held protests in Hyderabad and different parts of the country demanding swift punishment to the four men. The case had also provoked outrage on social media. Continuing, Lobo said that the Indian Parliament had amended the law for rare of the rare cases, after the fatal gang rape of a young woman on board a bus in Delhi in 2012, but even after so many years not one person was hanged. 

He further said he would write to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Home Minister Amit Shah seeking to expedite capital punishment in heinous cases. The minister said the onus was now on the legislators since rape and murder cases continued to rise in the country while no cases reach their logical end. Lobo also suggested that all the 189 panchayats in the State should pass a resolution stating that investigation in rare of the rare cases should be completed within 12 months and the accused should be publicly hanged. “I will also request one of the MLAs to table a similar resolution in the Assembly,” he said.