How much are these people going to suffer? They have to be told whether mining will start or not. Some decision has to be taken

A defiant Calangute MLA Michael Lobo on Monday said he cannot be cowed down and his visit to Delhi was only on the request of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. “Nobody can give me chabuk. The other day two MPs were sitting in front of me. I have given them chabuk. You need courage to do that. I admire Manohar Parrikar. He called me…I was upset and angry so initially, I did not take his call. When I spoke to him he said please come and meet me. Do not take any decisions,” Lobo told The Goan.  He also said he was speaking for the people of Goa and his utterings cannot be construed as anti-party activities. “Somebody has to talk for the people. When things people want do not happen then somebody has to talk. For example, there is mining unrest in Goa. How much are these people going to suffer? They have to be told whether mining will start or not. Some decision has to be taken,” he said.

The Calangute MLA, who is also the deputy speaker, stirred a political turmoil last week by pointing to public unease due to growing unemployment and a failing administration in the State. From speed governors to understaff police departments, Lobo said there were several issues impacting the State and that no one was interested in resolving them.  “Which minister or MLA is addressing Goa’s problem today? Everyone is silent…Even the opposition is silent on problems facing the common man,” he said.  He, however, side stepped a question whether he will accept the post of a minister, if offered now. “That is not the question to be answered now. After October 10, you will come to know,” he said. Lobo said he met Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Sunday at the AIIMS in Delhi, where he has been undergoing treatment.

The Calangute MLA said the CM has asked him to stand by him (Parrikar) and also assured to resolve all issues raised by him.  “I told the CM that I am there with you. I also requested the CM to find a way out to resolve people’s problems…People are asking us…,” Lobo said. He further disclosed that the CM has directed his OSD to follow up whatever issues that was discussed between the two of them. “In fact, against two of the jobs I raised, he immediately called the officers and asked them to get it done within a week’s time,” Lobo disclosed. “We need someone who can give such instructions. We need someone who can work on the field,” he added.