Make it mandatory for hotels to fit solar panels

Deputy speaker Michael Lobo on Friday told the legislative assembly that a law should be enacted making it compulsory for new hotels to fit solar panels on their rooftops. He was speaking during a discussion on the frequent power disruptions that have been affecting the state, a topic that prompted both, ruling and opposition legislators, to voice their opinions. “Around 50% of hotels along the state’s coastal belt do not have solar panels installed on their rooftops. Therefore, there should be a law making it mandatory for hotels to fit solar panels before they seek the relevant permission from the town and country planning department, Goa State Pollution Control Board, and the village panchayat,” Lobo said.

Opposition supports solar power generation

Congress Poriem MLA Pratapsingh Rane said there was a need to encourage the use of solar power in the state as a means of alternative energy and urged the government to come out with a scheme promoting it. His party colleague and Ponda legislator Ravi Naik, pointed out that the government should first install solar panels on all of its buildings, a move that would help power generation. Stating that frequent power failures in his constituency had made citizens’ lives miserable, Congress Velim MLA Filipe Neri Rodrigues exhorted the government to put a system in place that would help address public grievances and resolve issues with electricity supply at the earliest. St Andre MLA Francisco Silveira, voiced a similar complaint and demanded that new transformers be erected in his constituency.