Mapusa facing acute water shortage due to inexperienced PWD staff

Contending that the new crop of promoted engineers was not familiar with the dynamics of releasing and controlling pipeline water, Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo said there was shortage of engineers in PWD and WRD departments.  He said within two days PWD will be able to supply 90 percent of water requirement in Bardez, but added that total normalcy was expected to be restored by December 15.  “A lot of engineers – EEs, AEs and JEs – have retired and they were well-experienced in the PWD and water resources departments. They knew exactly how to manage the difference in shortfall in different areas and how to bring in raw water. The new people are mostly learning…,” Lobo said.  Time and again, parts of Bardez and particularly Mapusa, have been facing acute water shortage. For the last 10 days, several parts of Mapusa went dry even as department officials chose to blame shortage of raw water at Assonora treatment plant.  The Waste Management Minister on Thursday maintained that there was acute shortage of engineers in PWD and WRD.   “There is massive shortage of engineers in Goa. We need to do a lot of recruitment in departments as of today because there is a lot of shortage of executive engineers, AEs and JEs in the road and water section and also in WRD,” he said. 

Stating that his government would have to pull up its socks to provide proper infrastructure to the people of Goa, Lobo said water and power were primary sectors which the government has to focus on.  Referring to the water problem in Mapusa, he said the PWD had announced that Tillari supply will be stopped for some days and therefore there will be irregular supply.  “Now, the water from Tillari must have been restored. But still, there is a problem. That means there is something wrong somewhere. All the MLAs from Bardez including the councilors of Mapusa will have to go to the Assonora Treatment Plant to get first-hand information,” he said.  To a query on need to bifurcate the public works department into roads and water, the minister said that decision has to be taken collectively along with the chief minister, cabinet ministers and the MLAs.