Planning to build New Government Complex at Mapusa

RDA Minister Michael Lobo has proposed an eight-floor government complex in Mapusa to house all government and other offices under one roof. The minister has also strongly opposed plans to shift the revenue office from Mapusa to Porvorim, a project which had been actively pursued by former minister and Porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte. Speaking to The Goan, Lobo said he would submit a proposal of the new government complex to Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and Revenue Minister Jennifer Monserrate. “The existing government complex will be demolished and the new government complex will be set up at the same site. This government complex will house all government offices, besides the Sub-Registrar’s office,” informed Lobo. “In addition, there will be parking facilities in the basement of the complex and in order to generate revenue, there should be shops on the ground floor of this 8-storied building.” “This government complex can be completed within a year and during that time, offices in the present  complex can be shifted to the old Asilo hospital building, which has been renovated,” Lobo said. Lobo also strongly opposed plans to shift the revenue office of Mapusa to Porvorim, insisting that Mapusa, a major town, is at the centre of Bardez. “The decision of former revenue minister Rohan Khaunte to build a Revenue Bhavan at Porvorim for Bardez by spending Rs 100 crores was wrong. Porvorim is located at one corner of Bardez taluka, while Mapusa is a centrally located place. For all government works, Mapusa is most convenient for the people of Bardez,” Lobo told The Goan.

The minister admitted that people have faced water and power supply problems in Bardez taluka, while potholes have developed on many roads. “As minister of Bardez, I will try and solve water and electricity problems in the taluka and will also ensure that roads in Bardez do not have potholes by November. I will speak to PWD Minister Deepak Pauskar regarding uninterrupted water supply. The work order for a 30 MLD water treatment plant at Assnora will be issued, once the file is cleared.” “In order to solve problem of electricity, there is a need to construct a 220 KV power sub-station which will cost about Rs 170 crore. I have proposed to the chief minister and Power Minister Nilesh Cabral to take a loan from NABARD.” “If the loan is sanctioned, this power sub-station can be built within two years and power supply problems of five constituencies in Bardez taluka will be solved permanently,” said Lobo.