Police taking the law in their own hands is unacceptable

Stating that the assault of locals at the hands of police should not have happened, Deputy Speaker Michael Lobo said he would write to the Director General of Police to look into the matter.  “There is no law and order problem in the State. But definitely, police taking the law in their own hands is not acceptable. I will write a letter to the DGP, asking him to enquire into both incidents where locals were assaulted by the police,” Lobo said.  The deputy speaker was responding to the two incidents where the police had allegedly unleashed brutal assaults on locals. Cuncolim police had dragged a Betul youth out from his car and beat him up with belts and fists for a mere inappropriate comment, while weeks ago, police had subjected a young football fan to a similar assault at the Nehru Stadium in Margao.

Lobo said that necessary orders should go from the DGP’s office to all senior police personnel such as the SPs, DySPs and PIs on following proper protocol on policing.  “There should be review meetings of the constabulary police staff and some warnings have to be issued in this respect,” he said. The deputy speaker also said that beating up a person was not the answer and police should exercise utmost caution while discharging their duty. “If a person has broken the law, take him to the police station. If he has committed some offence, arrest him and put him in the lock up. Don’t hit him. Hitting is not the solution. No person will change if he is beaten up. I think the police should reflect on this aspect,” Lobo argued. While in both the incidents, police were prompt to file FIRs against the locals for allegedly attacking the police, no FIRs were filed on any of the cops who unleashed their reign of terror against the locals.