Imported lifeguards are not familiar with the Goan beaches; We need Goans

Asserting that drowning of foreigners on Goa’s famed beaches affects its image globally, Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo said most of the recent drowning deaths were due to the imported lifeguards who are not familiar with the Goan beaches. He said as many as 14 drowning deaths have been reported […]

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Lifeguards should be recruited by Goa Govt on contract basis

Espousing a direct relation between government and lifeguards, Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo said lifeguards should be recruited on contract and government should pay their salaries instead of paying it to the “middleman”. “The government can take all the lifeguards under the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) and GTDC should […]

It is everyone’s duty to keep the beaches clean

Stakeholders carrying out business on the beach front must keep the beach clean. Calangute MLA and Deputy Speaker of Goa Legislative Assembly, Michael Lobo said that the government should provide more powers to all departmental heads such as police inspectors, sub-inspectors, and Drishti personnel to challan people littering the beach […]

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Candolim Beach disabled-friendly

Candolim Beach is the first in Goa to be disabled-friendly: Michael Lobo

Candolim beach will be the first beach in Goa to be disabled-friendly with facilities including a wooden ramp so that people from different walks of life, including the physically-challenged, can visit the beach without any hurdle, said Calangute MLA Michael Lobo. He said that a special ramp made of wood […]