Favor an out-of-court settlement with Fomento to resolve the Sonsodo issue

Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo favoured an out-of-court settlement with Fomento to resolve the Sonsodo imbroglio, even as he disclosed plans to deploy even 10 screens at the dumping site to clear the existing dump yard in less than a year’s time. During his visit to the Margao Municipal building […]

Meeting with MMC


If the waste keeps coming at Sonsoddo, then bioremediation would have no meaning

The Minister for Waste Management Michael Lobo will be visiting the Margao Municipal Council, on Wednesday, in order to know about the litigations pertaining to the Sonsoddo waste dump, decide on the new plant, and discuss and decide on the commencement of the bioremediation of the century-old Sonsoddo waste dump. […]

3 Bio-methane Plants to tackle the growing garbage menace in Margao

In a temporary solution to tackle the growing garbage menace in Margao, the High Powered Coordination Committee headed by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant decided to set up three bio-methane plants around Margao-Fatorda till the solid waste treatment plant takes shape at Sonsodo. Minister Science and Technology and Waste Management, Michael […]

BioMethane Plant



Not formalin but plastic is the biggest agent contaminating fish and other edible items. All the waste that fish, fowl, bull and goat eat, runs the risk of becoming part of your diet. Microplastics are plastic pieces that are less than five millimeters long that pollute drinking water, oceans, lakes, ponds, etc. Typically made from polypropylene, polyethylene, terephthalate, or nylon-microplastics are most commonly found in health and beauty products. However, they can be introduced to the environment from a variety of other sources. For instance, larger plastics that break down, synthetic clothes releasing microfibers while being washed, resin pellets that are used for plastic manufacturing, microbeads (polyethylene beads found in soaps and toothpastes), sewage dumping, etc BY RAJAN NARAYAN

Vijai Sardesai should stop cheap politics and help us to put a good plant at Sonsodo

Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo appealed to keep politics out of the issue, but in the same breath blamed the two MLAs of Fatorda and Margao and the local civic body for their failure to resolve the garbage mess. He said the garbage issue at Sonsodo had raised grave health […]

Michael Lobo

michael lobo garbage

Kundaim Biomedical WTP to be ready by 2021; Goa needs 4 WTPs

Asserting that Goa should have four waste treatment plants, including a small plant at Sonsodo, if tourism is to be taken at a different level and also resolve the waste imbroglio, Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo said the Cacora plant will come up within 15 months after the issuance of […]

Solid Waste Management Corporation ready to take over Sonsodo

Asserting that the Solid Waste Management Corporation has an action plan in place to tackle the Sonsodo imbroglio, Minister for Waste Management Michael Lobo said once Fomento vacates the plant, the Corporation would step in provided the civic body hands over the site. However, he made it clear that it […]



Considering demand for moving offshore casinos out of Mandovi River

In a statement that could have far-reaching consequences, newly-appointed Ports Minister Michael Lobo said he is not averse to the idea of shifting the offshore casinos to Aguada Bay and the casino boarding points to the Verem bank of the River Mandovi. Replying to the cut motions to the demands […]