Unemployment, Mining suspension and fall of Tourism sector is Strangling Goa’s Economy

Continuing his tirade against his own governments at the State and Centre, Deputy Speaker Michael Lobo said the economy of the state and nation was not very good and strong, adding that unemployment, mining suspension and fall of tourism sector have grappled the State. Lobo went to the extent of encouraging youth to write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on issues confronting Goa. He was speaking after inaugurating the ‘Daayj’ festival by Goa Yuwa Manch (GYM) at Mardol. Art and Culture Minister Govind Gaude, Sarpanch Laxmikant Khedekar, Deputy Sarpanch Diksha Naik and GYM President Adv Hridhaynath Shirdodkar were present on the occasion. “You need to discuss why the tourism industry has collapsed. Since the last one year, tourism and quality of tourists have been going down. Economy of the State and country is not that good and strong. There are no job opportunities. Hence, issue of employment, mining and tourism should be discussed,” said Lobo. “If you want a vibrant Goa and the Goa of your dreams, then discuss these issues and write to the prime minister,” Lobo advised the youth. “You can use social media to draw attention of government to what the youth of Goa want and also you can write to the chief minister and the prime minister,” he added.

Earlier on Friday, the deputy speaker had launched a scathing attack on his own government, saying the BJP led government in the State was going in the wrong direction and blamed the chief minister for the impasse in the functioning of Goa Police. Gaude said totally dependence on industries was not the right approach. “We need to explore our potentials and consider entrepreneurship and create employment. Be your own boss,” he appealed to the youth. Reception Committee President Varadh Mardolkar said the ‘Daayj’ festival is one of the best planks for youth to exhibit their talents. “There are many challenges confronting the youth and we need to tackle them. We need to address the issue of unemployment,” said Gaude. Praising Lobo for raising his voice against drug activities, the minister added: “Don’t be silent a spectator. Raise your voice through the media or any other means. We should eradicate drugs from our State.” Adv. Shirodkar and Bhavesh Jambaulikar also spoke on the occasion.