We will see that the interest of Goa is protected

Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo said the State government will do all it can to protect the interest of Goa on the Mhadei issue even if it has to knock the doors of the Supreme Court against the Centre’s Environment Clearance to Karnataka’s Kalsa-Bhandura project. “We will see that the interest of Goa is protected. At no cost will we succumb to any type of pressure from anybody as far as Mhadei is concerned because Mhadei is our mother. We will ensure that we get all the water from Mhadei throughout the year,” Lobo said. The Waste Management Minister was responding to the controversy sparked by the Union Minister of environment Prakash Javadekar’s tweet granting environmental approval to Karnataka’s Kalsa-Bhandura drinking water project. Lobo admitted that nobody in the State government knew about the environment clearance issued to Karnataka until the union minister tweeted late on Wednesday evening. “Nobody knew until the union minister tweeted. We will have to see for what purpose the EC is given. If need be, we will go to Supreme Court and bring a stay on the EC but I don’t think we will have to go to that level,” he said. The minister said work on Kalasa-Bhandura project cannot commence until and unless the Goa government, the chief minister and all the MLAs and people of Goa are taken into confidence. “We have already apprised the CM and hopefully in one of these days he will meet the environment minister in this regards and the Prime Minister also if required,” he said. Lobo said that the Union minister of Environment was not aware of the importance of Mhadei to Goa and after knowing there was a dispute over the project, he withdrew his tweet on environment clearance. “He did not understand that Mhadei is our mother and how many battles we have fought in various courts and money spent to protect the interest of Goans,” Lobo said. “The minute he came to know that there was major dispute in this matter he withdrew the tweet. Whatever it is…We will protect our basin. We will see that if required we will go to Supreme Court and get necessary orders,” he added.