You have to dream big and follow your dream no matter what it takes, how much time it takes

Science and Technology Minister Michael Lobo said he rose from a humble dishwasher in a hotel to now own a host of restaurants, hotels and resorts because he had the dream to succeed as a hotelier. Giving an advice to the students of Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda to set their goals and to work hard to achieve that goal, the Minister cautioned students not to make a fast buck via matka and other gambling, saying it’s next to impossible to make money via gambling. “My mission in life was to become a successful businessman. Because of my circumstances, I had to start as a dishwasher in a hotel. Then slowly, I rose to become a waiter, then a steward and an assistant manager. Today, I own four restaurants, hotels and resorts. I owned these hotels before becoming an MLA because I had a dream to achieve that,” he said, while addressing the students at the 3rd two-day technical event “INSPIRUS 2K19”.

He continued: “When I was around 14 years, I used to wash the Mercedes car owned by a businessman. That time, I had dreamt of owning the car, and I achieved the dream at a young age of 24. You have to dream big and follow your dream no matter what it takes, how much time it takes. Do not deviate from your chosen goal.” Saying that he is a hotelier today because he had set a dream at a young age, Lobo said he is just Std 12 pass and could not answer his first year exam for want of attendance as he was working while learning. Gambling, he said, will not make anyone successful in life. “Young students want to own a car before starting to work. And, many of our young friends aim to realise the dream by playing matka. You cannot make money in gambling. Making money through gambling is next to impossible. Only hard work will give you things you want,” he advised. Underscoring the need to think out of the box, Lobo further advised the students to think big, to open a big industrial unit in Goa which will help employ at least 25-30 engineers passing out from the institutions.